China Aitan Group

China Aitan Group is an innovative platform that helps businesses upgrade. We specialize in exploring trends and demand, in addition to uncovering new marketing opportunities across different industries to create excellent products and services. We can help with product launch and promotion, as well as work with you to optimize your business model and build scale.
Through our cooperation with Hunan University and the Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, we have established an integrated platform that combines production, research and design. Furthermore, we aim to build a leading think tank to provide strategies, policy guidance and bespoke development plans for businesses across different industries.

Tianjin YIPOINT Technology Co., Ltd.

Tianjin YIPOINT Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as “YIPOINT” in short) was established in 2013, as a complete creation integrated service organization, has realized a leap-forward increase of annual revenue from 0 to 200 million and has served more than 50 thousand China local companies. It has become a true Top-class Internet+Originality group in China.

Beijing MOMA Design Co., Ltd.

Beijing MOMA Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, headquarters in 50# Mogan Mountain Road-famous originality industry base in Shanghai and it’s China’s Best 10 Industrial Design Company and Shanghai’s Sample Design Innovation Enterprise. MOMA Design has established branches in 8 cities of the world, and built “ Four-Chain Integration, Eight-Step Innovation” System to provide full process services from insight, definition, development, design, structure, supply chain to integrated marketing. MOMA has served more than one thousand companies, including Philips, Samsung, Intel, Sinopec and other over 50 World’s Top 500 Companies, and has embraced Germany Red Dot, IF, US IDEA, G-MARK and other more than 80 international design prizes and it is the leading industrial design company of continuing to win Gold Award of China Red Star Prize for four times in China.

Beijing ZCO DESIGN Co., Ltd.

Beijing ZCO DESIGN Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, has a product innovation design team of more than 300 people, mainly globally deployed in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Hangzhou,Shanghai, Milan and other cities and has its own industrial design innovation center, brand full-case design center, brothers medical design center, intelligent hardware development center, machinery and automation center, mass production supply center and so on. The product development includes 18 fields, and design items has won IF, the Highest Technology Award of 2014 North American Spine Society, Gold Award of China Innovation Design Red Star Prize and other 72 international and domestic design prizes.

Beijing PER Product Design Co., Ltd.

PER Design Group was established in 2001, has 5 sub-companies as Beijing PER Product Design Co., Ltd., U.K. Manchester PER Product Design Center, Hangzhou PER Product Design Co., Ltd., Shanghai PER Product Design Co., Ltd., and Beijing PER Junce Brand Design Co., Ltd., as well built a top class international design team of 300 foreign and domestic designers with global vision. PER Design has won Germany “Red Dot”, Japan“Good Design”, China Innovation Design“Red Star” and other international and national prizes more than 30 awards, and has established long-term cooperation relationship with IBM, Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo, State Grid, China Unicom and other famous companies.

Beijing Lead Design Co., Ltd.

Beijing Lead Design Co., Ltd. is member of China Industrial Design Association, High and New Technology Enterprise of Zhongguancun. Lead Design has a professional team including from brand planning, graphic design, appearance design, structure design, company study to manufacturing and production, won 10 “Red Star” awards in two years. It has served successively Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, New Oriental, Sinopec and other universities and famous companies. Its products include 3D printer, intelligent city express cabins, air filters and so on.

Beijing Jian Mon Design Co., Ltd.

Beijing Jian Mon Design Co., Ltd. is a famous industrial design company in the field, headquarters in Beijing, and has two branches in Shijianzhuang and Tangshan. Since its establishment, Jian Mon has served Tecent, 360, Beijing Auto and other internet companies and traditional industries with excellent design, and builds good and stable cooperation relationship with them. It can provide competitive innovation design program in military handheld, intelligent hardware, domestic appliance, medical equipment, culture creation and other fields, and one-stop service from design, hardware development to small quantity test production of prototype and mold processing.

Beijing NEODEA Technology Co., Ltd.

Chuangwudao is affiliated to Beijing NEODEA Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2011, headquarters in Beijing and has a branch company in Hangzhou. It has total assets of 30 million and serves 500 international and national customers, has won the Supreme Award and several other awards of the Red Star. It has independent invention patent and practice new type patent. With near 10 years of development, its customers spread all over the country, including siemens, LENOVO and other famous companies, has established long-term design production cooperation with Peking University, the Fifth Academy of Aerospace, Beijing Institute of Technology and other academies and universities.

Artisan Industrial Design (Beijing) Co, Ltd.

Artisan Industrial Design (Beijing) Co, Ltd. established in 2014, is seated in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Artisan Design is a professional design company facing nationwide market, dedicated to product innovation design development and product processing, product integration. It pays attention to the combination of appearance design and structure engineering, designer and engineer, through the balance of creativity and practicability to provide the best design resolution to the customers.


Beijing 4.0 Industrial Design Co., Ltd
Beijing 4.0 Industrial Design Co., Ltd has built the first product manufacturing Lab and on-line manufacturing App“Prod-Lab”of industrial design field in China and has provided a set of data management system and best resolutions to various links of traditional industrial design, as well as C2B.
Beijing I.D.W. Industrial Design Co., Ltd
Beijing I.D.W. Industrial Design Co., Ltd consists of 3 parts: I.D.W(Beijing) Industrial Design Office, I.D.W(Beijing) Industrial Design Academy, I.D.W. Source Integration and culture Communication Center. We can provide comprehensive and standard design services on product design, research and development, design creation and product innovation, product brand construction and consultation.
Langfang I.F. E-Business Co., Ltd.

Langfang I.F. E-Business Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, with registered capital of 5.1 million RMB. IF Yunchuang Module furniture is truly a subversion of traditional furniture product, with furniture as entrance and carrier, aimed at intelligent home field and building application of  furniture in digital time,establishes the IF Yunchuang module product to rebuild present furniture production process and method, designs I.F. E-Business Platform and smart home IoT, as well as I.F. Yunchuang Technology New Product Research and Development Platform. The company has achieved long-term cooperation with dozens of companies in real estate, design, internet, and furniture across China as well as Spain Raesa Group in room standard decoration, long rental apartment resolution, design embedding, internet office design, international trade and others. As one university students’ entrepreneurship company, I.F. Design has won several innovation and entrepreneurship prizes of Hebei and Langfang, and its products have obtained 17 design practical and new patents, 23 unauthorized patents.

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