Langfang Industrial Design Innovation Center(LFIDC, hereinafter referred to “the Center”) is a non-profitable industrial service organization established according to “Some Policies and Measures in Encouraging the Development of Industrial Design ”of Hebei Province and Langfang City and it is supervised by Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Langfang City.

With the initiative of cultivating the driving force of industrial design development and promoting integrated development of industrial design and manufacturing industry, and based on serving the transformation and upgrading of Langfang manufacturing industry, the Center introduces excellent design organizations, builds public service system and establishes the municipal industrial design innovation center for connecting design resources, pushing industrial integration and development, popularizing and spreading design ideas and promoting design communication.

The Center sticks to professional management and marketing operation. It establishes explicit service objective, scientific management regulation and efficient team stimulating system which plays significantly positive role in promoting overall level of industrial design in Langfang, driving industrial transformation and upgrading, strengthening core competence of product and optimizing innovative development environment.